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Clay Hill Hunting is located on the Watson Farm in Clay County, Georgia, on a clay hill nine miles north of Fort Gaines.  With its small fields, pine woods, creek, and oak bottoms, this area has always been a prime location for wildlife.  Hunting and fishing are a tradition here.  We plant numerous food plots and always have an abundant supply of wildlife.  We have a reputation for having some of the biggest deer in the area.  Need a change of pace?  Our pond is stocked with catfish that make for some mighty fine eating!  We welcome non-hunters and family members as well.  If you desire some relaxing time in the country to commune with nature, do a little fishing, or just to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is no better place on earth! Check us out here at Clay Hill whether you are looking for a trophy for the wall, meat for the freezer or just some time to relax. Contact us today!


Clay Hill is not a five star hotel. It's just a country home.  We do not wine, dine, or powder your behind! We deal with folks who like hunting, fishing, and the outdoors!

Plain and Simple............

Fish Pond
Cami aka Goober
hunting dog
Fire Pit
Sir Bones  of Clay Hill!
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